Own Your Creativity. Own Your Path.

The Black Podcast Club was created to foster a safe space to support, motivate, and uplift black podcasters and creatives. We believe in reinforcing our power and amplifying our voice through diverse unity, mutual-mentorship, and exchanging knowledge. We are a thriving global network of creatives who believe owning our creativity is the first step to pioneering the billion-dollar podcast industry.


Do you need help podcasting?

We offer podcast support services and courses to improve your production needs!


Podcast Support Services:

Audio Engineering: Our engineers can add intro/outro segments, input sound effects, transitions, or commercial/sponsored ads, reduce background noise and echo to create professional-grade audio sound quality.

Audio Engineering starts at $60 per hour of audio.

Social Media Graphics: Our team will create marketing materials such as audiograms, social media flyers, logos, and podcast artwork to enhance your creative process.

Social Media Graphics start at $50


Podcast Launch to Production

This course comes with production support of up to 3 episodes to get you started.
It is designed for those who are not currently producing a podcast.

Course Price

Course length


5 Weeks

Podcast Revamp and Rebrand

This course will have a business focus, to help you develop monetization strategies to generate revenue through your podcast. This course can be tailored to your specific needs.

Course Price

Course length


5 Weeks


Maybe you want to private social media network, only for podcasters and creatives? 

We have a private podcast social network filled with creatives just like you. We are focused on discovering the tools to create the lifestyle we desire. All of us are willing to share knowledge, motivate, and help each other as we achieve our goals.


BPC Weekly Playlist:  Each week we have several podcast episodes features on our weekly podcast playlist! This is another way to gain exposure to your platform and expand your audience. Check out this week's playlist here.  

The Black Podcast Review Program:  Each week we produce and publish a show for our YouTube show called The Podcast Review Show. We will market and promote your podcast on our platforms for that week, and do an entire show all about you and one of your episodes.  During the show, we will unpack and discuss the content of your podcast, as well as offer advice for improvement and highlight what is already excellent about your podcast! Sign up here!

BPC Events:  We are all creatives who love to be social, on top of that, this is a CLUB! We offer a Happy Hour and Creative Group Therapy for our members to engage, have fun, and learn something! These events are available free to Legacy and VIP members. We also offer live tutorials, workshops, and speaking engagements, most little to no cost for paying club members; a small entry fee for non-members. Find out about our events and more on our Instagram and Twitter Pages. If you are interested in hosting an event with the club, please send us an email info@theblackpodcastclub.com, with EVENTS in the subject line.

Merch Collaborations:  This program is designed for any creative who has a product or merchandise they want to sell. We have The Black Podcast Shop featuring products and merch by us and our club members. This of this as the target for podcasts! If you're interested in a collaboration, send us an email to info@theblackpodcastclub.com with MERCH in the subject line!